White Deer Apothecary Rebrand, 2022
Client: White Deer Apothecary
Herbalist Lauren Peterson picks nearly every single plant in the medicine she makes by hand. In this gentle way, the healing energy of the plant can be preserved, and the spirits of the plants are respected. A clean and bold color palette and layout was used to translate the vibrant energy within each bottle for print and digital applications. (Logo design by Our Numinous Nature)

Science Amplification Identity, 2009 – present
Client: Science Amplification / Description: Brand identity and logo. This ongoing collaboration with a small business owner began with a custom typeface which is featured across all aspects of the brand, both on digital media and on the products.

AD Collective 2006 – 2008
Client: AD (Art Dog) Collective and Gallery. Logo, promotional items and signage. As the group and gallery grew and evolved so did their design identity.

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