icountNM for the 2020 Census

The state of New Mexico’s “icountNM” outreach campaign to support a complete count of New Mexico residents for the 2020 Census. I was responsible for creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity while designing a variety of original and unique print, digital and web based  assets for paid and earned media as well as educational and promotional material for all of New Mexico’s 22 counties,  non-profit and state agencies complete count committees.

Skills / Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Canva.

Digital / Pandora campaign

Digital / Digital Banner Ad campaign / Animated GIF

Digital / Digital Banner Ad campaign / Animated GIF

Print / Newspaper Ads / Billboards / Reports and Documents

Print / Billboards / Statewide campaign

Digital / E-newsletters / Built in Mail Chimp

Print / Reports and Documents

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